Another attack on a Politician’s home: motive unknown at this time. People living in fear, when does this stop? Was it Gangland?

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Limerick councillor vows he will ‘not be intimidated’ after home attacked by masked men

‘It was horrific, horrific. My wife is in bits’

Limerick councillor Fergus Kilcoyne (Image: Press 22)

A Limerick councillor whose home was attacked by masked men has said he will “not be intimidated”.

First-time councillor Fergus Kilcoyne, non party, was back at work this Thursday morning despite being “traumatised” by the violent attack on his family home in the early hours of Monday morning last.

A number of masked men arrived at the home of the councillor and publican in the village of Patrickswell at around 4.45am.

The masked gang smashed windows at the house and smashed up his car and his wife’s car that were parked up at the house.

Gardai are taking the matter extremely seriously but they have not commented on a possible motive for the attack.

Speaking this morning for the first time since the attack, Mr Kilcoyne said: “It was horrific, horrific. My wife is in bits. She is not even sleeping at night, she is sitting up at night watching out the windows in case they come back, so the kids can get sleep.”

Visibly distressed as he spoke about the family’s ordeal, he explained that he and his wife were taking turns at night to watch out for possible further attacks on their home.

“We are taking turns in keeping a look out, it’s gone that bad.

“No one should have to live that way,” he added.

Citing the kidnap and attack on Cavan businessman Kevin Lunney, the Limerick publican said he believed what happened to himself and his family last Monday was “a form of intimidation”.

BBC Spotlight interview with Kevin Lunney

“It’s a form of intimidation, that’s what it is. That’s all I have to say. It’s up the police now to do their job.”

Mr Kilcoyne said he, his wife, and their four children – all aged in their 20s – were asleep in their home when the attack occurred.

He said: “The noise of breaking glass was like bullets going through the windows, such was the bang. There was eight or nine panes of glass that went in.

“The cars are probably written off, there was a lot of damage, between €30,000 and €40,000 damage done in two minutes.

“I wouldn’t know how you would describe them, but that’s what we are dealing with.

“I’ve four kids. They were all in the house. They’re aged 27 down to 21. We are all traumatised, it’s as simple as that.”

When asked about a possible motive for the attack, he replied: “I’m not going to comment, that’s up the gardai.”

“I think the gardai will get to the bottom of it. I’m hoping they’ll get to the bottom of it,” he added.

Limerick councillor Fergus Kilcoyne’s car, which was damaged outside his home in Patrickswell (Image: Press 22)

Mr Kilcoyne, who has run The Dark Horse Bar in Patrickswell for the past “21 years”, attended a council meeting at City Hall this morning.

Speaking afterwards, he said, despite the attack, he remained undeterred in his work.

“I’ve to get on with life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in my head, what is going on. You just have to keep a brave front and fight on. No one has intimidated me yet,” he added.

Speaking following the meeting, fellow publican and Cathaoirleach of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, James Collins, said: “It’s a very difficult time for him and today there was unanimous support for him at City Hall.”

“I urge anybody that has any information to come forward to an Garda Siochána. It’s a terrible thing to happen,” Cllr Collins said.

“Fergus is a first-time councillor. It’s not something we would like to see in Limerick, and hopefully the people responsible will, be brought to justice,” he added.

Fine Gael councillor Olivia O’Sullivan also expressed her shock at what happened: “We all wanted to offer our solidarity to Fergus, and show our concern for him and his wife and children, and everyone I think, would agree, was appalled to hear what happened.”

“It’s a terrible threat on a public representative who is just doing his job and getting on with his life and business and family. It’s a threat to community, to family and also to democracy and it is also something that can’t anyway be tolerated.”

Gardai have appealed for information.

A garda spokesman said: “Gardai are investigating a criminal damage incident that occurred on the 25th November, 2019 in the Barnkyle area of Patrickswell, Limerick. At approximately 4:45am, a number of suspects caused significant damage to a house and two cars.”

“No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

“Gardaí are appealing for anyone who was in the Barnkyle area between 4:30am and 5am on the 25th November and who may have witnessed the incident to contact Gardaí in Roxboro Road on 061-214340.”

Another brutal attack on a family home: this time it is a local Councillor and Publican. It may have been that this conscientious man spoke out against Drug Dealers (not confirmed as yet). Gardai urgently need to get a grip on the lawlessness that is spreading across this country. Harris needs to stop playing with his pen and gain the Respect from his fellow Officers, otherwise we have serious problems coming down the track. This may have no connection whatsoever with those who perpetrate such wrong through the illegal drugs industry but I have today read an article by Robin Schiller published in the Irish Independent on 27th November 2019 “Europol details how Irish drugs gangs’ three-tiered hierarchy spreads and violence in communities.  and recommend the link

Main pointers:

  • £30bn is spent by Europeans on drugs each year: Narcotics therefore a major source of income for organised crime groups.
  • 39%=Cannabis; 31%=Cocaine; 25%=Heroin; 5%=Amphetamines and MDMA as per EU Drug Markets Report
  • Europol Study highlights that Irish gangs operate a three-tier hierarchy “used to enforce social norms within the drug distribution network”.
  • Kinahan cartel is named as one of Europe’s main organised crime gangs: expanded operations internationally to explore opportunities in “less saturated and potentially more profitable markets” and “using Europe as an export platform”.  Members of this gang have been arrested in Ireland and as far away as Australia.
  • Europol and the EU drugs agency highlight increased use of violence, particularly murder and kidnapping within the European Cocaine trafficking market
  • Europol is engaged in tracking illegal drug supply sources but people at every level within our communities should be aware of the harm especially to our young generation for the indulgences of the elites of the Gangs causing feuds in Ireland and beyond.


Dr Gerry McCarney, Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and HSE says more young people are seeking help for cannabis addiction.

A little advice to parents of the younger generation:-

Cannabis (there is a stronger type now) can lead to behavioural change, loss of motivation and drive, lack of application at school as well as aggression and drug debt. 

“Drugs are for Mugs” said Dr McCarney

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