One of the Most Horrific Murders, in England’s Criminal History, yet it is not aired in the media; Who really is Jamie Limbrick. We Know, his Mother, is a Journalist, and was married to another Journalist?

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Last Updated: Wednesday, Jamie LimbrickJamie Limbrick admitted raping his 92-year-old grandmotherA 19-year-old man who admitted raping and killing his great-grandmother has been sent to Broadmoor indefinitely.Jamie Limbrick was 17 when he attacked Marjorie Davies, 92, in September 2003 in a farmhouse in Forge Lane, Upleadon.At a previous hearing, Gloucester Crown Court heard how Limbrick, described as a fantasist, suffered from a severe personality disorder.Experts suggested he could be suffering from a psychopathic disorder. The body of Mrs Davis was found in 2003.Time limitLimbrick was assessed at the Berkshire hospital under the Mental Health Act where he underwent extensive psychiatric tests.Dr Jenny Judge said tests showed he was suffering from a “psychopathic disorder”.She said doctors at Broadmoor advised that he should be detained at the hospital without limit of time so he could be treated.High Court judge Mr Justice David Steel described the case as “an unhappy matter”.He said: “The defendant is suffering from a medical disorder which makes it appropriate that he is detained in hospital.”The mental health disorder is of a degree which warrants his acceptance into the guardianism of the mental health authorities.”Limbrick, who was surrounded by three security guards throughout the hearing, showed no emotion as he was sentenced.No one from his family was present at the hearing on Wednesday.

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