More News on the Drogheda Feud, Time, will Bring, more Names out to the Media, and the People, of Drogheda, will Get, more Explosive News; in the Meantime, CAB want to Seize the Assets, of the Maguire Brothers?

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Criminal Assets Bureau attempting to seize cars, properties and €300,000 in cash from Drogheda feud brothers

 22nd October 2022

The State is attempting to seize more than €300k in cash and properties from two brothers who were shot and injured as part of a feud.

Earlier this year the Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab) was granted interim orders over several assets owned by siblings Owen and Brendan Maguire.

The two men are linked to a gang involved in the Drogheda feud, which has claimed four lives.

They have also each survived attempts on their lives in separate shootings, with Owen Maguire left paralysed after being shot multiple times.

In July, the High Court granted Cab interim orders under section 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act which prohibits the men from disposing of the assets.

The case was up before Mr Justice Alexander Owens at the Four Courts in Dublin again this week.

While specific details of the assets were not disclosed in court, reference was made to houses at St Anthony’s Park in Drogheda.

It is understood that at the centre of the Cab case is €304,000 in cash, two properties, a Rolex watch, a Mercedes car and a Ford Transit van.

Cab alleges they are all the proceeds of crime.

Gardaí believe the brothers are involved in the sale and supply of controlled drugs and that the gang are involved in an ongoing feud in the north-east of the country.

This week counsel for Cab applied to serve orders on Brendan Maguire outside of the jurisdiction.

The 43-year-old was shot and seriously injured in a gun attack in February 2019 at the M1 Retail Park.

He was struck several times in the body while sitting in a car but miraculously survived the shooting.

Gardaí believe the shooting was linked to the Drogheda feud and carried out by the so-called ‘anti-Maguire’ faction.

The High Court heard that Brendan Maguire is currently living in the Rochdale area of Manchester in the UK.

Counsel for Cab applied for an order to serve proceedings to him outside the jurisdiction which was granted.

Mr Justice Owens said he would have 28 days to enter an appearance in the matter from the time papers are served on him.

An application was also made to substitute service on his brother Owen Maguire (38).

This was also granted, with the judge saying that a hard copy of the orders should be served on him.

He was shot and seriously injured in July 2018 after being targeted in a shooting outside his Drogheda home. He was struck eight times and left paralyseds.

Gardaí believe the shooting was carried out by hitman Robbie Lawlor, who was shot dead in Belfast in April 2020.

The Drogheda feud consisted of around 100 violent incidents including assaults, petrol bombings and shootings over several years and claimed four lives.

There have been no major incidents in the gangland warfare in the last number of months, with many of the main protagonists either locked up, on the run or dead.

Four men have been killed in the dispute, which broke out in 2017.

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