Restorative Justice can work. A poet, no doubt a writer and someone who has entered his soul and said no to crime and has had the courage to apologise to his victims, Ian deserves another chance.

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Former ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson enforcer Ian ‘Mad Dog’ Maloney apologises to his victims

‘I have no regrets in life, but when I look back on my life and ask myself was it worth it the answer is no, waste of good talent’

The cover of 'Mad Dog's' new book
The cover of ‘Mad Dog’s’ new book
Ian 'Mad Dog' Maloney
Ian ‘Mad Dog’ Maloney

Neil Fetherstonhaugh

Today at 12:38

Notorious Dublin criminal Ian ‘Mad Dog’ Maloney, who was once an enforcer for gangland killer ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, has described his life of crime as “a mug’s game” as he apologised to his victims.

Maloney, who earned his nickname through a series of violent crimes that saw him rack up around 100 convictions, posted a long message on his Facebook page, explaining the life he led.

Saying he wants to “make things right”, Maloney insisted he was changing his life “for my kids” as “they mean the world to me”.

Maloney, who has published his first book of poetry with proceeds going to sick children, said that while everyone is “entitled to there (sic) own opinion, the good the bad and the ugly, publicity is publicity, and it’s for a good cause”.

“I was around the block and back and wore every size t-shirt, did it all,” he has written. “I have no regrets in life, but when I look back on my life and ask myself was it worth it the answer is no, waste of good talent.

The cover of 'Mad Dog's' new book
The cover of ‘Mad Dog’s’ new book

“That life is a mugs game, it’s a true saying you have no friends in that game, your only as good as your next wage. I am changing my life for my kids, they mean the world to me, it’s never to late to change, and I will set by example.”

Maloney added that he wanted to thank everyone for their support as it “means alot for the children at our lady’s children hospital”.

He adds: “I will take this opportunity to apologize to all the people I caused heartache and pain over the years, after my brother’s death I went down a bad road.

“I am not using this as an excuse, but if that never happened my brother i don’t think I would of turning to crime at that high level, I am not preaching but I just want to make things right.

“And I would love to help kids from making the same mistakes as I did , thanks again for your support I wish yous all well, kindest regards.

‘Mad Dog’ previously revealed how he left a life of crime behind after spending years behind bars as he believes he “needs to give something back” through his poetry.

He has written book entitled ‘Wrong Doing’, which states that Maloney left school at an early age, “and after a bad experience in life he turned to crime”.

However, it adds In the author section on the jacket sleeve that in the past year, “he’s turned his life around and has become involved in volunteer work, as well as starting to write poetry”.

The message adds that all profits from the sale of the book will go to the National Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

Maloney, who has dedicated the book to his “four beautiful kids” also intends to publish four more volumes in the future, “to help other needy charities”.

‘Mad Dog’ served a number of lengthy prison cells, including a 12-year sentence for the armed robbery of Paul Sheeran Jewellers in Dundrum Town Centre in September 2008.

While serving that sentence he was also given a prison sentence for assaulting Joey O’Brien in Charlie’s Restaurant, Dame Street, on January 4, 2009.

He previously worked as an enforcer for ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson and was involved in the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud and other feuds in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

He was also suspected of involvement in a feud which saw a number of petrol bomb attacks and shootings in the Crumlin area

He was suspected of targeting two brothers who are close pals of UFC fighter Conor McGregor as part of the feud.

On the back cover of his new book that features an image of a man walking hand-in-hand-with four children, Mad Dog has written how the “universe tested me and gave me a tragedy that burned everything I knew to the ground”.

“Somehow I learned to hold my breath as I made my way through the smoke that lay in its wake and I kept going,” he adds. “I grew something beautiful from the ashes that were left behind.”

He then encouraged his followers to buy the book that costs “€12.99 for collection, and €15.00 to be posted”.

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